Steve Herndon, a LaGrange native, attended the University of Georgia on a scholarship for football. He graduated in four years and went on to play for the Denver Broncos for four years. His line coach left Denver for Atlanta, and in 2004, he joined the Atlanta Falcons and was named co-offensive MVP. 

His career ended in 2005 because of knee, back, and neck problems. After a struggle with addiction, Herndon entered treatment in 2006. 

Herndon used his own experience with overcoming addiction to found Safety Net Recovery in Atlanta, a business that helps men and women who want to overcome their addictions by providing counseling, support, and an environment of "super sober living."

He and Taylor Hagin, his business partner and co-founder, also sponsor C4 conferences in order to share their ideas on a national level. C4 is a non-profit whose goal is to improve access and accountability for the treatment of substance abuse disorders and educate policy makers on those disorders.

Safety Net started with a 70-bed facility in Atlanta. Herndon and Hagin have expanded and developed satellite locations in Greenville, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina. Herndon was also the keynote presenter at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders, NCAD, held in Denver, Colorado, in August and holds a seat on the Board of Directors at UGA’s Fountaine Center.

Herndon and his wife, Heather, have three children, all of whom currently live in Alpharetta.​

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